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Inventive Shots is a professional photography studio servicing the Los Angeles, California Area. We offer a wide range of photographic images, from in-studio portraits and product photography to on-location shots. Our professional and creative work reflects a long history behind the camera.


Inventive Shots is a full service photography studio established in 2013.

Inventive Shots owned and operated by Victor Mikhail, a growing artist who is well known in the region for his exceptional photographic work and friendly personal attention.

What we do:
Our photographic genres range from Commercial & Advertising, Still Life & Food, Nightlife & Events, Hotels and Fine Art, Headshots, Families & Life style 

Our Mission:
The mission of Inventive Shots is to combine technical proficiency with aesthetic intuition to produce rich, beautiful and effective photographs.
We view each assignment as an opportunity to create something new and gorgeous, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with clientele to define and achieve the desired look and feeling for the photographs.

Understanding our clients:
We excel in providing corporate clients with outstanding photography to meet their marketing and public relation needs by producing commercial images for use in printed materials, web site development and the stock photography market.

Inventive Shots offers uncompromising customer service and has a record of customer satisfaction that is hard to compete against. High quality images are tailored to suit individual requirements. Inventive Shots team can offer endless suggestions whilst encouraging clients' own ideas, therefore, combining both traditional and contemporary styles of photography.

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Cell Phone: 310-294-6474

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